Saturday, 27 February 2016


What's the secret to skin that looks plump,dewy and healthy everyday?

When the skin all the day in a  RELAXING situation.

We can all feel a little irritated at times, our skin is just the same. Give a little love with our Cosini Relaxing Collection, enhanced with extract of Usnea Barbata Extract ,Portuluca Oleracea , skin is soothed ,calm is restored and it can helps to  relieve pressure,soothe tension and encourage relaxation.

Feeling stressed???
The perfect time to use the set of COSINI RELAXING SERIES is the night time before we going to sleep.
Here with the use direction for Cosini Relaxing Facial Mist,Cosini Relaxing Facial Serum and Cosini Relaxing Facial Maque.

Step 1:Cleansing

Step 2: Next, spray the Cosini Relaxing Facial Mist evenly over the entire face in the morning and also in the evening.
Leave on for about 2-3 minutes,then gently pat dry.*** 
You can spray the Cosini Relaxing Facial Mist after apply the Sun Block or Foundation on day time .

It can helps to  fix make up too***

Step 3:Remove Relaxing Masque from sachet and gently unfold.
Place evenly on the entire face,adjusting around eyes,nose and mouth.Remove it after 15-30 minutes.

Step 4:Apply Cosini Relaxing Facial Serum before go to sleep.

So there you have it, the three keys products to help to prevent your skin from lacking RELAXING throughout all the moments ,leaving it refreshed ,at peace and ready to tackle the next day ahead.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Thanks for having me here! Trick eye museum is now in Singapore! there were two which was in Korea, Jinan and Hong Kong!

It was opened in 2014, located at the world-renowned Resorts World Sentosa Island so that family, couples and even foreign visitors can gain easy access to the museum. 
it's just beside the universal studio and it's so convenient as you can stroll around the area.

Thankyou for TEM bag! with booklet of TEM info!

It's all actually about an two dimensional paintings turned into a three dimensional images through the use of optical illusions.


It features six Themed galleries which are 
The work masterpieces 
Dreams of fairytale 
Safari kingdom 
Love in winter 
Star of circus 
Adventure Discovery 

The museum is located at the centre of Seoul"s nouveau art hub, hongdae. 

trick eye has seen grown to be one of the best must visit attractions for tourist visiting korea 

The highlighted point is that they do have ice museum which is maintained at -4 degree. 

So much laugher, so much fun. 
Hope for an opportunity to visit the trick eye museum in Korea as i will be visiting them at April.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

I'm here now to introduce you Scholl's latest innovation to keep the hard skin at bay. 
Here you go! its Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. The simple yet handy electronic foot file which is specially designed to achieve a more velvety smooth feet effortlessly and instantly.

Finally got this in my hand as it saves time rather than spending time doing pedicure as this can instantly make my feet smooth and the step it's just easy! 

 so here are the packs content, its actually most of it are all included!

Four AA batteries are included, you don't have to purchase it separately!

                            one roller head!

and also the most convenient roller head cover, protect it from being exposed to dirt! 

                              Removable roller head. Can be easily removed, washable, and replaceable.

So what u got to do, is first of all push the button to the right side and it will start functioning. Just a single button!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File is an electronic foot file that gently buffs away hard skin on your skin.

Fine hard skin are slowly removed when you 're using it as the roller head starts rolling and the hard skin will be extract and this makes ur feet become smooth!
after using it at the lower part of my feet! 

can you spot the differences? i just use once and I'm just satisfied with the outcome.

- Removes hard skin effortlessly
-batteries operated which included in the starter pack(4AA batteries)
-washable and also replaceable roller head, widely available

retail price RM135.20
Additional 5% off if you purchase from using promo SCHSOU 

5% off if you purchase here at Soukai--

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ZA protector


     true white x perfect protector

- Finally found a sunscreen that is convenient to bring along in my bag! Protection from the sun with SPF 50+ !

  The multi 4-in-1 PERFECT PROTECTOR with base makeup and brightening effects that offers powerful protection against UV rays and pollution.

·    there are  4-in-1 Effect which is 

-99% UV Cutoff
-Pollution protect
-Oil Control
-Skin brightening 

1. UV Cutting / UV Block
2. Water-resistant
3. Non-sticky
4. Moisturizing
5. Make up base
6. Whitening
7. Pollution-defence
8. Oil Control
9. SPF
10. Protects

i tried it on my hand as well for a clearer view. Just a generous amount will do

 2# blend it slowly

3# it will looks naturally after awhile and it blends well with the skin.

This protects us from direct UV rays that might harm our skin as it helps in protecting from all angles for 12 hours! 
Plus, 7 kinds of UV protection ingredients added in the sunblock

This is how it looks like from the top !

We might face some prob like face getting oily after hours or either sticky. stop worrying as this has major help in oil controlling for 8 hours!! and your make up will still definitely looks good

Here's the point i applied on.

Your skin is going to stay hydrated and moisturising for at least 12 hours. white lily extract, the natural moisturising ingredient and collagen is contained in it as well! 

Website : 

perfect protector TVC, product info, science behind the sunblock and more

You can purchase it HERE! 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

ANARIA future

Not sure if you guys heard of this brand ANARIA future, this brand is pretty new in the market and the 9D collagen silk mask has its best benefit with plays a role in improving for better skin. 

A box comes with seven completely sealed tube with the silk mask contained in it. 

The major purposes of this mask helps in age-regenarating, anti aging. plus its 100% natural as its stated behind the tube 

Tripeptides boost the creation of new skin cells, encourage the production of elastin and stimulate nerve-endings to relax facial muscles .

it can be found in ANARIA future tube mask to nourish your skin elasticity with its function face will makes you look younger and more firm!

time for some refreshing moment!! 
To prolongs the mask FRESHNESS, nitrogen which contained helps in keeping your face fresh after putting the mask!


For more details and contact-

Wechat: anariafuture
Line: Anaria Future
Whatsapp: +601139421433 
Hotline: +601139421433

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